Brothers in arms?

Klaus Iohannis (right cencet) and Mac Thornberry (left center)

Klaus Iohannis (right center) and Mac Thornberry (left center)

I remember that everytime an airplane was flying by, my grandfather was saying “Fuck the americans!”(‘tu-i in cur de americani). I couldn’t understand his frustration back then. But years were going by and I was learning about how the Alliance betrayed our King and Romania, at the end or WW II, by letting us under the influence of the Russians, despite their promises.
Then Perestroika came, we stood up against the dictatorship at the end of the 80s, the Iron Curtain fell.
Now, Russia is coming strong against the expansion of EU and NATO towards Ukraine. As a reply, the Russians took over Crimea. Russia is putting pressure on Romania, again, further more, they launched threats on us.
Now, Romania became, again, very interesting to the West and especially to USA. So, a delegation and the chief of the House Armed Services Committee, Mac Thornberry, came to talk with our president and government. My only hope is that the history will not repeat itself.


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